21 November, 2008

Hollywood Stars and their Cars

Julia Roberts has to have several cars to cart her new twins around, but her fave is the environmentally- kind Toyota Prius, a hybrid vehicle that sips fuel so sparingly it gets 55 miles per gallon. Yes, the real whistleblower for the environment, Erin Brockovich, whom Julia played in the movie of that name, also drives a Prius.


Denise Richards' S55

Denise Richards married Charlie Sheen and they're expecting their second child in June, so the catwalk model-turned- sex symbol needs a child-safe car. She's opted for an S55 Mercedes, a $100,000 vehicle capable of 145 miles an hour but we're sure she won't be driving it at that speed!


Britney Spears' Mercedes
Britney Spears had a Mercedes convertible, changed it for a Jaguar and is back in the Mercedes fold again, with a sleek, $150,000 SL 500. She has an interest in fast cars and once sang the national anthem at Daytona before telling the racers: "Gentlemen, start your engines!"


Charlize Theron's Land Rover

Charlize Theron starred in "The Italian Job" as a Mini Cooper-driving hot shot, but in real life the South African stunner drives something better suited to safaris -- a Range Rover. This ultra-luxurious off-road pack mule sells for around $90,000 and is the latest in a 31-year line of Land Rovers like those in which Charlize used to roam the veldt as a teenager.


Anna Kournikova's Escalade

Eye candy Anna Kournikova, 23, married pop star Enrique Iglesias in Puerto Vallarta , and sported her wedding ring for the paparazzi. She's retired from tennis, but still gets about $15 million a year in endorsement income. Her choice of wheels: a Cadillac Escalade just like the ones tennis officials used to transport the players to Flushing Meadows for the U.S. Open.


Madonna's Maybach

Madonna has a Maybach. When you have a Lear, a yacht and a helipad-equipped mansion, a $360,000 Maybach 57 completes the set. The passenger compartment boasts business-class style reclining seats with headrests stuffed with Hungarian goose down, and the dash is a symphony of leather and walnut. Oh yes, it will carry you silently at 155 miles per hour and leaps from 0 to 60 in 5.4 seconds, all of it registered not on a speedometer, but on a "current velocity indicator."


Halle Berry's Thunderbird

Halle Berry has her own personal version of the new Thunderbird. Ford produced a limited edition of the car the beautiful Berry drove in her "Die Another Day" Bond flick, and painted it Sunset Coral, to match her bikini. It sells for around $43,000, and no, Halle isn't an optional extra.


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