31 March, 2009

Jokes on - Arjun Singh

Q. How do you greet Arjun Singh, when you meet him ?
A. By joining your hands ....... " Backwards " !

Q. Why did Arjun Singh learn Arabic ?
A. Because ....... he could read and lead the country " Backward " !

Q. If Arjun Singh was the Prime Minister of India, how would he lead our country ?
A. He would lead the country " Backwards " !

Q. Why does Arjun Singh hate China, Singapore, Japan etc ?
A. Because those countries move ....... " Forward " !

Q. What is Arjun Singh's official e-mail ID ?
A. It is ....... arjun@indiabacktobackward.com

Q. What is Arjun Singh's solution to the traffic problem in our Metro cities ?
A. To pass a bill, to make all vehicles drive " Backwards " !

Q. How does an idea enter Arjun Singh's brain ?
A. It enters " Backwards " !

Q. Why has Arjun Singh been invited to the Stanford Research Institute ?
A. They wish to find out, why his brain works " Backwards " !

Q. Why was Arjun Singh not selected in the football team ?
A. He kicked the ball " Backwards " into his own goal !

Q. What is an Arjun Singh sale ?
A. 49.5 % off !

Q. What is Arjun Singh's favourite city ?
A. Kota !

Q. Why does Arjun Singh, not have many friends ?
A. Because ....... he is " Reserved " by nature !

Q. If Arjun Singh changed his career to films, which job would he do very well ?
A. Choosing the " Caste " !

Q. If Arjun Singh owned a movie theater, what would he name the balcony there ?
A. " Backward Class " !

Q. If Arjun Singh was a historian, how would he name time ?
A. A.D; B.C; and ....... O.B.C !

Q. If Arjun Singh was the Prime Minister, he would create a new body to be in existence along with the Supreme Court. He would name it the " Supreme Tribunal ". Why ?
A. Because, for every S.C ....... there has to be a S.T !

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